February Snow

I am not a fan of cold and dark days, but I do love me some snow.  Admittedly, I was more than a bit jealous yesterday as friends across the state triumphantly announced that snow was falling at their homes.  Even in Richmond, of all places.  I saw only a few random flakes throughout the day and had all but given up on our reaching any appreciable snow amounts.  Then, around 3:30pm, the storm made its way to Staunton and just sat on top of us.  And sat. And sat. As much as I love a good winter snow, I worried somewhat about my morning commute to Harrisonburg, and all the scraping and shoveling I’d have to do in the early dawn hours.

On the other hand, I still get a thrill out of dropping my little plastic ruler into the freshly fallen snow to make an “official” record of the snowfall event.  Just after dawn this morning, I put on my boots – ruler in hand – and padded out to the porch only to discover:

Now, drive-by occurrences are not unheard of in a neighborhood such as mine. But this is my first drive-by snow shoveling incident.  And, yes – I was thrilled that someone did all that heavy work for me (and I honestly don’t know who did it); however, it kind of took the joy out my snow recording regimen.  The only undisturbed area was the strip of snow running across my roof like a mohawk.  I could barely reach it, suggesting that the perpetrator was about my height (just a little fact for future sleuthing reference).  The official amount:  7.5 inches.  Not too shabby.  Now, let’s just hope it’s the last of the season.

And good thing I made my cold frame lid snow and cat resistant. It looks like I was hit by a little of both.  ***Those are Pujah’s paw prints, for the record.  He’s the only of my felines willing to get his feet wet.

4 thoughts on “February Snow

  1. Oh, wow, I can’t believe someone did all that work! I know how hard that is. I am jealous of your snow. This would shut down UGA for weeks. Heh.

    1. I know! They came down from up the hill, so I thought it might be Bettie. But she wasn’t home yesterday, and her car wasn’t there today. Maybe she asked someone to shovel for her and they got carried away?

      They only got a dusting here in Harrisonburg, but Rockingham schools are closed. Absurd!

    1. Poor teachers. Nearly the end of February and not a single snow day until today! Sadly, it was a teachers work day in Staunton/Augusta. They lost the only free day of the season.

      Good memories. 🙂

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