Garden Go Bragh!

During the summer of 2010, I volunteered at the Frontier Culture Museum as a weekend gardener.  More specifically, I adopted the English vegetable garden, and spent hours on end pulling thorny thistle and dodging endless swarms of fire ants.  Not exactly the romantic role I had envisioned, though I managed to bring some order to the chaos.  When I returned to Staunton this winter, I planned to look for some other volunteer position – preferably one without stingers and thorns.  But just last week, I received a letter from the museum requesting my help again this year.  I was impressed that the museum took a moment to acknowledge our (the volunteers) time and efforts, so I accepted the invitation.

I am proud to announce that I am now the adoptive (volunteer) gardener of the Frontier Culture Museum’s  Irish farm.  And as the Irish homestead is my favorite (it has little piggies, afterall), I am particularly pleased to accept this assignment.  My only concern is that for a season or two, this garden was allowed to grow over due to the lack of funds and support.  Hopefully by now it has been reclaimed and tamed and ready for maintenance.  I will find out this coming Saturday when I make and on-site visit.

If you are ever in the area and have not yet visited the museum, I cannot recommend it enough.  Come on a Saturday morning and you will have the added entertainment of watching me pull thorny thistle and dodge endless swarms of fire ants.  Because some things, I suspect, never change.

3 thoughts on “Garden Go Bragh!

  1. Please take pics on Saturday, so we can get an idea of your starting point with the Irish garden. Oh, and to Jennifer’s comment — ditto!

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