Guest Room Revisited

Did I mention yet how much I dislike to clean?  It is the most thankless task ever derived.  And in my house, it is pretty much pointless as well.  Everything I do creates dirt, clutter and chaos.  And I can either create or clean.  There is seldom time for both.

Are you kidding me?

That said, I do appreciate a clean house.  And from time to time, I enjoy seeing a room all neat and tidy – especially after I’ve worked on renovations.  I spent 6 hours  – SIX HOURS! – of my precious time today cleaning and organizing the guest room.  I wanted to see the bed back in its natural state, and I desperately need a designated office space.

Looking back at the pictures now, this room looks more like a depository for unfinished projects.  The paintings are there to fill space and need much more work (the cityscape is just the underpainting).  The desk and tables all need to be refinished.  And the room itself is still missing some baseboard.  But I’m just so happy to see the floor again, I won’t spoil the moment with the thought of yet more work.

Here are the results:

Now I’m off to create more dirt, clutter and chaos!

4 thoughts on “Guest Room Revisited

    1. Good eye! I have built-in book shelves here (and 200 fewer books), so I don’t really need them anymore. I’m just using them for storage for the time being. They may disappear in time.

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