Jury Duty

I was assigned to the City of Staunton spring jury pool and called for duty yesterday. More specifically, I received a telephone call from the sheriff’s office, which scared the living daylights out of me.  Not a call anyone wants to receive out of the blue!

I was not selected for the jury this time around (I was no. 27 out of 27, so the odds were not in my favor from the start). However, I could be called again before this session ends in mid-April.  I’m not terribly concerned about a repeat performance, as jury trials don’t happen very often in Staunton.

I do not dislike jury duty.  In fact, I rather enjoyed my experience in Fulton County/Atlanta.  I was just concerned about the loss of pay.  By the time I got to court yesterday, I had come to terms with it.  Then lo and behold, we were released at 10:30 and I had an entire day to myself.  It’s the closest thing I’ve had to a true vacation day in years!

Being that I work in Harrisonburg, I don’t get to spend a lot of time in Staunton during the week.  So, this was the perfect time to play tourist.  I stopped by the library before driving back to the main drag – Beverley Street – and commenced the three block walk from one end of downtown to the other. I then treated myself to lunch and headed home for an afternoon of yard maintenance.

And, of course, I had to take some pictures along the way. The places pictured below are only a handful of businesses on Beverley, but they are ones that I have frequented and enjoyed in the past.  Without further ado, a few snippets of my adopted hometown.

6 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. How could you torture us with the picture of the grilled pimento cheese sandwich? I can still taste the only one I ever ate there. Delicious!!

  2. I guess it’s just my cruel streak!

    My intention was to get something a bit healthier, but I could not resist. Of course, I’m paying for it today….

  3. Oh, man, I really want a grilled pimiento sandwich. And a slice of their chocolate meringue pie. And that photo of the city courthouse is giving me flashbacks.

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