I just emailed my good friend Jennifer – one of the smartest, funniest and most unpretentious writers I know – and advised her that she should start her own blog.   And then it dawned on me that I should encourage EVERYONE to start their own blog. Little snippets on Facebook just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I have so many fabulous friends/family members that I would love to hear from on a regular basis.  I know there’s so much going on in your lives that we would all love to read about.  Added bonus – you only have to tell your story once. That’s particularly nice for all you older folks (names withheld) who repeat the same story over and over.  You can just check your archive to know if it’s been told!!

If you are reading this, you can tell I’m no great writer.  I just say what’s on my mind.  Don’t think you’re a writer either?  It doesn’t matter. We’re not trying to get published here.   Shoot – have your 6 year old write it for you.   Hhmmm….now, that could get interesting!

Just my humble opinion, but I sure hope someone take’s me up on the challenge.  It’s not much fun blogging alone….

p.s. I am taking the advice of seemingly knowledgeable folks and posting again to Facebook. Apparently, you aren’t relevant if your not on FB (my words, not their’s).  Fine.  I’ll play the game.

4 thoughts on “Blogging

    1. You, my dear, are exactly who needs to blog! You’re a great writer, a complete hoot, and your family’s always up to something. You could totally go viral. 🙂

  1. I have been thinking about starting one, just so I don’t forget these fabulous years with Helen. I kept that LiveJournal for awhile and saved the entries. I’m so glad I did that. What a whirlwind few years!

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