Garden Plot

Some days, your plans just don’t pan out.  Today is definitely one of those days.

This was the day to map out the garden plot and build boxes. Apparently, Mother Nature had other plans.  It’s a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon, but the winds are intolerable.  It’s put a damper on my schedule and on my disposition. I’m just not an inclement weather kind of girl.

However, I did force myself to clear the new garden plot area and establish a master plan. I also bought materials to build my first three boxes and may actually get one or two of them built before sunset.  Mostly, however, I spent the day gazing out into the yard, wishing for spring and trying not to think of all the manual labor ahead of me.

This is the backyard.  It is long and narrow and rather sloped.  Fortunately it flattens out at the bottom of the hill, which is where the vegetable boxes will go.  Each box will need to be leveled individually, but it shouldn’t be too difficult a task.  The advantage of this spot is that all the good topsoil from my yard – as well as the neighbor’s yard – has collected down in that area.  The boxes will be filled with amended soil/compost then blended into the existing soil as well.  This should make a rich combination platter for my seedlings.

I’ve marked out one corner of my plot with brown paper just to get a sense of the space I will need.  Both of these strips are 24 feet, which is just enough space.

The boxes will be two sizes, 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 4′. The current design layout looks something like this:

I like the idea of having some smaller boxes for those plants that prefer to ramble.  This way, they can be controlled easily from all four sides.  Plus, the design is just a little different.  And I like different.  Once the boxes are built, I can move them around and find out what actually works.  The best design will most likely be the one that requires the least amount of digging and leveling.


OK. It’s an hour later, and I’m back from sawing and drilling pilot holes (there’s the evidence on top of the blue tarp).  I have to wait for my drill charger to charge before I can put it all together, since I don’t have an extension cord that’ll reach to the end of my yard.  But maybe I can do that tomorrow, if the winds ever die down.

Right now, I’m tired of working and tired of thinking about working.  And my toes are cold (too early for flip-flops, I guess).  I am taking the rest of the weekend off.

Please tell me it’s almost cocktail hour……

5 thoughts on “Garden Plot

  1. Definitely time for a cocktail! I just got back from a bridal shower and the house where it was held was fabulous — an old house just off the downtown area — and they had a garden area with boxes arranged similar to this — some square and some rectangular. It looks fabulous.

  2. I’m smiling at your garden plan. The other day I found my graph paper tablet. Inside are all the drawings from the several gardens I’ve had to build over the years. Probably the only time that Geometry works for me.

    Can’t wait to see it growing.

    1. I got to pull out the old A squared + B squared = C squared today, which made me happy. I like doing geometery even more than making charts in Excel.

      Oh, the exciting life I lead…..

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