Renovation Reminiscences – Follow Up

I just came across additional pictures from the early days.  My dear and beautiful friend Rodney actually removed the turquoise closet in the guest bedroom for me, so I wanted to make sure he got the credit.  Also, I found a couple of pictures depicting how I lived in those early days.  The guest room as the only habitable room in the house, so I camped in there for many months.  This included a camping toilet (not pictured, thankfully), as I had no working plumbing.  I sometimes wonder if I could do it again.
The closet wasn't exactly free-standing. The new plaster walls were added around it. Just one of the many, many oddities in my little house.
Stripping it down to the bones.
Yes, this is how I lived for most of my first year. The air mattress and kerosene heater earned their keep!
The remainder of my quarters. Please note the lovely table setting (tablecloth provided by Jeff). All gussied up for company!

The guest room renovation conversation has now ended.  Promise!  There is still so much more to show and tell. And make and fix and clean and correct. But first, coffee.

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