Raised Beds

The raised beds have been assembled and are ready to go into the ground.  It might not look like too difficult a task, but the digging required to level the beds is more severe than I thought. The good news is that the soil is moist and rich and cuts like butter.  The roots, on the otherhand, are not as cooperative.

I built all but one box (an oversight on my part), and laid them out in my chosen pattern.  Now each of the boxes needs to be leveled, and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage with the larger boxes. I completed the one small box in the upper corner of the lot, and I had to bury the upper end nearly to the top to make it level. The larger boxes will have to go even deeper on the upper end, which means they’ll be partially underground.  Not quite the scheme I was going for.  The other alternative is to raise the lower ends to reduce the slant.  I could prop them up with rocks, I suppose.  But I’ll have to add something along the bottom edge to keep the soil from coming out.  I’m sure it will all work itself out in time.

My plan is to finish at least half of the boxes next weekend and sow the first round of early vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, collards, etc.).  It’s still too early for peppers and tomatoes, so I have plenty of time to finish the last of the boxes.

Needless to say, I’m a bit bushed, and my back is screaming bloody murder. I just hope all this effort pays off!

Napping after a long day of supervising. 

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