The Seedling Report – Week Two

Well, I haven’t killed them yet!

The seeds seem to be germinating and sprouting right on schedule.  And there are some new additions on the herb side of the tray:  basil, thyme and dill.  I’m still waiting on the lavender, oregano and parsley, but have another week or so yet to go.

The lettuce and arugula are still going strong, but I can already tell that they will be a challenge to transplant.  They are pretty frail and I bet they don’t like to be mussed with. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that the seeds that I sow directly into the beds will mature as quickly as these will.  But as I’ve said before, this part is just an experiment to find out whether or not a cold frame would be useful.  Who could have known that winter would begin and end in October this year!

The lettuce

4 thoughts on “The Seedling Report – Week Two

  1. Wow you have lots of seedlings on the go, I’ve only sown tomatoes, violas, sweetpeas and chillis so far. I have transplanted lettuce before and they were not too hard. Most of them survived it too, so I wouldn’t worry..

    1. Thank you! It’s good to know that my efforts may pay off. I’ve also read (or come to believe) that tomatoes are difficult to grow from seed. Did I make that up as well?

      1. I’ve never had any difficulty with tomatoes, just our weather that makes them tricky. I have found they germinate well and they’re quite sturdy when you transplant them. If you follow my blog you can see how mine get on this year!

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