Garden Update – March 18, 2012

I finished the raised beds today, and they nearly finished me.  I put in 10 hours of shoveling, pick-axing, and transporting 600+ pounds of soil amendments.  And that’s a lot for this out-of-shape, middle-aged body.

Despite all the work, they really aren’t much to look out.  Just a few boxes filled with dirt.  But I have high hopes for a great yield this summer.  And if plants aren’t happy there, then I’m going to start a worm farm.  I must have massacred at couple of hundred at least.

I decided not to put the last box in (top left-hand corner) for several reasons.  1) there are furrows from 3 different directions suggesting all the water in the yard drains into that spot, 2) it’s under a walnut tree, and everything I’ve read says that walnut trees are toxic to many vegetables, 3) I need an open spot for my cold frame and 4) I’m just done.

The current plan is to start planting next weekend.  I still need to put up a fence and was able to scrounge up a few steel poles from around my property.  I have no idea how I’m going to get them in the ground, but I’ll figure out something.

My seedlings are still hanging in there.  I thinned the lettuce and am still waiting for the lavender.  The peas, however, have behaved beautifully, as have the nasturtium.  What a pleasure to see such compliance in the garden!

Finally , just a few new additions in the front yard:  crocuses and quince.  I’m anxious to see the other bulbs bloom.  I know – it’s only mid-March. They’ll all come in due time.

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