If a tree lies in a yard but made no sound, did it fall?

We have had more than our fair share of rain lately.  4 or so inches last weekend, and more this evening.  The ground is so super-saturated  now, it’s easy to envision my house slpping down the slope of my backyard like a giant, muddy slip-and-slide.  What really happened is a little more plausible.

In case you can’t make it out, that’s my old cherry tree lying across the yard.  I can’t tell if it fell in the raised beds or not, but I’m not venturing out to check until the current line of thunderstorms passes.  Apparently, the water-soaked soil could no longer support the weight of the tree.  Judging by the exposed root ball, there were very few roots to support it even on a good day. One final gust of breeze, and that was that. What is most amazing is that I barely heard a thing.  I was sitting next to my bedroom window and watched as it quietly keeled over.  Much like myself after one too many shots. It was oddly serene.

Bad news: I’ve got to do something with the carcass.  I can use Mr. Z’s chainsaw to knock off many of the smaller top branches – at least enough to clear my new garden area.  But I suspect the trunk is too wide and too dense for that little saw.

Sad news:  The top of the tree was full of blooms, and the birds just love that tree.  I wish I could replace it, but it doesn’t make much sense in my backyard.  There really isn’t the space.  However, I am planning on planting a slew of berry bushes.  Maybe that will console the robins.

Good news:  This poor old tree has been dying a slow and ugly death since I bought this house.  I’ve talked about removing it for years but couldn’t afford to pay someone to fell it for me.  Problem solved!  I may go back to my original idea and advertise free wood to local artisans.  It is, after all, solid cherry.

Best news:  The only portion of the tree still thriving was at the very top.  When the leaves are out, it blocked all of my sun from the south – right  smack in front of my raised beds. There should be a sustantial increase of sunlight in the garden now.



Close, but no cigar!  Looks like some of the smaller top branches are hanging over my boxes, but I don’t think they are even touching the ground.  How lucky is that?  I’m not thrilled that I add yet another laborious project on my to-do list, but I’m so thankful I won’t have to rebuild those boxes. And check out that big ball of light in the sky!  My maters are going to be so happy…..

2 thoughts on “If a tree lies in a yard but made no sound, did it fall?

  1. I can’t help but be glad it’s gone! I never got cherries but once (I know, it’s all about me) and for years I have been hearing how it has to come down. Nothing better than having Mother Nature do the job for you. I think offering it to artists is a good idea. Maybe even a cabinetmaker would like it or someone who builds houses. Perhaps you could have someone make cabinets for your kitchen. Amazing possibilities have opened up.

  2. My thoughts exactly!!

    I’m in no hurry to get rid of the wood. If no one wants it for lumber or sculpture, I’ll just have to keep it and learn how to work wood myself. Maybe that’s the amazing possibility awaiting me!

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