Vegetable Garden – Week One

As I reported last week, I seeded my vegetable garden last Saturday (March 24) in the midst of a deluge.  Not only were my little seeds pounded by rain, but three of the beds were later smacked about by a fallen cherry tree. 

One week later, I am happy to report that the tree has been cleared of the beds (though not from my yard), and my first sprouts have broken through the surface.  It should come as no surprise that the front-runners are the radishes and lettuce/arugula.  And a special shout-out to the radishes (below right) for staying on their side of the bed! I also noticed that there are bits of green scattered across all of the beds. Some of these specks may be sprouts, but most (I think) are cherry blossom remnants.  Hopefully there will be much more to report in the next few weeks.

And just a little follow-up on my cherry tree situation…

I managed to cut off all the top limbs and some of the trunk before my chain saw blade became completely dull.  The limbs are now in a large pile in my backyard, but clear of the garden.  I’ll just work around the pile until I have the energy and gumption to deal with it. The trunk, however, has inspired me.  Isn’t the grain beautiful?  This particular cross-section is from a lower limb and is about 8″ in diameter (the lower trunk is about 24″ across). Instead of throwing in my brush pile or giving it away, I’ve decided to try woodcarving.  It’s an ancient craft, so how difficult can it be?  I’ll just chop up the large pieces and put them aside for the rest of the summer to dry.  I think I’ve found my new hobby for 2013!

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