Spring Bulbs

After another week of freezing nighttime temperatures – and even a little snow on Thursday – I think we’re finally in the clear of damaging temperatures.  And not a day too soon!  I realize that Virginia weather is relatively temperate, but winter sure feels longer and longer with each passing year. Sigh.

I had planned to transplant my little seedlings this weekend, but that did not pan out.  Instead, I am taking a couple of vacation days at the end of the week to get a handle on some of my bigger jobs.  I need to finish putting up the garden fence (and figure out what to do about a gate), transplant my veggies, and clean up the yard around my fallen cherry tree.  Also, it is “Big Trash” day here in Staunton, and I need to clean my basement of junk and my yard of big debris.  Now let’s just hope the weather cooperates.

In the meantime, I have a few more plants to highlight. I was so happy to find that my neglect did not kill my bulbs. The tulips are simply perfect! And while the vegetable garden is in its infancy, there a few new arrivals there as well.  So far, so good!

2 thoughts on “Spring Bulbs

    1. The yellow is beautiful! The color is deep and vibrant. I hope they multiply and give an even grander display next year!

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