Another Cold and Rainy Day in the Valley

I thought that we were finally done with winter weather, but Mother Nature clearly had other plans.  A cold front pushed through yesterday bringing with it cold temperatures and another couple of inches of rain (and possibly snow).  I keep reading that we are in a drought, but I can’t quite believe it.  I can’t seem to dry out.

Potting Bench
Potting Bench

Regardless, I had a couple of good days for clearing out the trash in my yard and basement.  I was told that our annual big trash pickup week was this coming week, but I was misinformed.  It was actually last week, so I was left to do the hauling on my own.  In hindsight, this had its advantages.  I was able to get my official landfill permit sticker (now required since we no longer have city stickers in our cars), and I learned they would take car tires for this one week only.  I had one tire sitting on my patio, the victim of last fall’s vandalism spree.  I thought of using it as a planter somewhere, but that’s a bit ghetto – even for me. So, I gladly gave it up, along with 10-20 bags of trash and yards of construction debris. It took 5 trips, but the landfill is only about 5 miles and 15 minutes of scenic road from my house. Not too bad afterall.

Oh, and I also learned first hand that the landfill accepts dead bovines.  Good to know!  I wonder what the policy is on felines.  Here, kitty, kitty, kitty….

And yes – I am joking.  I love my cats to pieces.  But there are times….

Herb Bed - Before
Herb Bed - After

It took 3 days of hard work to get the two side yards in order.  On the east side, I had to rebuild & repaint my potting bench, and build & paint a new herb box to replace the rotten one.  I also removed the two small and rotten boxes across from the herbs.  The walkway was too narrow and annoyed me to no end.  I still have plenty of room for planting along the walk, though I don’t have any specific plans for that space. I just filled the space with the nasturtiums and marigolds I had started from seed.

I do not have a before picture of the west side.  I let that side get so trashy (literally) these last few years that I was embarrassed to take a picture.  And the picture below is hardly an “after” shot.  There are a couple more items I need to get rid of, and lots of weeding & regraveling to do. But this will be remedied shortly.  I don’t have any plans for the area yet, but it’s one of two flat spots in my yard, thus highly valuable.  It would be even more appealing if it were fenced in, but that’s not in the budget.  For the time being, I’ll just appreciate it’s being clutter free.

Side Yard - Almost There
Side Yard - Almost There

The storms came in before I had a chance to finish the garden fence.  There’s no hurry, as nothing’s really growing yet.  I’m trying not to overreact so early in the year, but I’m concerned the space is not getting enough sunlight.  There is a line of trees blocking the midday light, so the garden’s only getting early morning and late afternoon exposure.  Once we get closer to summer solstice, and the sun is higher in the sky, there should be plenty of light.  I just don’t know if that will be enough.  If not, I will have to come up with another plan…or start cutting down my neighbor’s trees.

Not much new to report as far as plants go.  I was able to snap a shot of my first irises before they were drenched.  Hopefully they will rebound.  But if not, there are plenty more buds in waiting.  And the chard is coming in beautifully.  If the vegetable garden fails, I’ll know I can always grow chard.  It’s a trooper!

First Irises

2 thoughts on “Another Cold and Rainy Day in the Valley

  1. Knowing that you don’t have city stickers makes me want to go and throttle someone at Staunton City Hall. They gave me such grief years after I’d moved! Rat bastards. And I am jealous of your trips to the dump. Your county has an impressive one! Was there a little stop on the way to Kathy’s by chance?

    1. Oh, we still have property taxes, just not the actual sticker. And I don’t have an issue with Staunton so much. It’s Richmond that’s giving me such grief!! But, yes, there was a Kathy’s stop. It almost made everything better. 🙂

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