Prelude to Summer

After a long stretch of cool temps and an abundance of rain, we are finally at the threshold of summer.  Our first heat wave is on its way, promising daytime highs in the mid to upper 90s.  And not a day too soon!

I have a long list of projects in store, each requiring work space and tools.  One day I will have a designated space in my (soon to be) insulated basement.  Until then, I prefer to work outside on the side patio.  So, of course, weather plays a key role in the success of said projects.  The hotter and drier the better, I say. And I have pretty high hopes for the upcoming holiday weekend.

In preparation, I finished two important tasks this past Saturday.  First, I built a trellis for my tomatoes and cucumbers.  I have a really bad habit of planting vines with the intention of adding a support system later, only to find I’ve waited too long and they’ve become unmanageable.  I am bound and determined to get tomatoes this year, so I have been extra diligent in these early weeks.  I was going to buy some of those flimsy metal cages you find at garden centers, but they were about $5 a piece.  Certain that I could make something better for much less money**, I designed this simple but (hopefully) effective trellis. Total cost = about $12, and it should support about 12 plants.  At least, that’s the plan.  Now my garden is complete, and all I have to do is wait for the Mother Nature to do her thing.

**Words to live by. If I were to be buried, I’d want this as my epitaph.***

While I’m waiting, it’s back to construction.  My second task was replacing the blade on my miter saw.  Understandably, this shouldn’t be a news-worthy item.  But I was so scared to mess with it, I just stored the saw away and hoped it would magically re-sharpen itself.  It took me 6 months to conquer my fear, and 30 seconds to replace  the old blade with this pretty shiny yellow one.  Go figure.

[I should add here that nearly every piece of lumber cut for my renovations up until now was done on this saw with it’s original blade.  I don’t know how other saws measure up, but this one is definitely a winner!]

In summary, I don’t really have any news.  I’m just getting myself pumped up for the beginning of a long, hot summer of work, sweat, sun and – hopefully – a little bit of fun.

2 thoughts on “Prelude to Summer

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 Seriously, if I were about to be buried, I’m pretty sure I’d look around and think, “I could make this coffin for a lot less money.” Ha!

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