365 Project ~ Week 4

I lost three days of drawing due to last week’s power outage.  Counterintuitive, you might say, as drawing does not require electricity.  However, my time and energy were spent elsewhere, so I simply passed on those days with no guilt and no remorse.

Also this week, I determined that I need to change my approach.  I’m often unable to finish what I start within the given 24 hour time slot, so I’ve been leaving many drawings incomplete.  And while I’m cool with that in theory, it really isn’t a great exercise for me.  I am notoriously bad at leaving things unfinished, and I do not to reinforce this habit.

Starting with last weeks entries, more pictures will be completed over multiple days.  And if I’m happy with an image, it may turn into a painting in future posts.  Also, I may go back and complete some of my incomplete drawings – like creepy old woman who is really very beautiful (I hate leaving her in her current hag-like state) and yesterday’s algae drawing.

You know the drill.  Click on the “365” icon below to view my progress.

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