July Garden Update

I’ve been so wrapped up in my 365 drawing project, I nearly forgot about my “real” blog.  I really need to work on attaining greater balance in my life.

As a reward for all the heat and storm action these last few weeks, we are experiencing glorious summer weather.  Mid to upper 80’s with just a touch of afternoon showers.  Now THIS is my kind of weather.  It was in the 100s again this past weekend. Not ideal gardening weather – or anything else, for that matter.  I had so many chores to do but so little motivation.  Sadly, my biggest job is cutting back all the perennials that were flattened in the storms.  I don’t believe they’ll grow back this summer, and it will leave large empty spots in the gardens.  Not quite the look I was going for, but better than the 4′ stalks which are currently splayed every which way.

The good news is that my vegetable garden seems to have perked up. Looks like I only lost one cucumber plant and one tomato plant. The squash went unscathed, and I’ve been eating curried yellow squash all week.  There are several bells waiting to be picked,  and I’ve been throwing  of jalapenos into everything I make.  Bettie (my neighbor) took the first full-sized cucumber last night.  I’m so looking forward to one of those myself.

Best news?  The first tomato has matured. Now suddenly there is red everywhere: tomatoes, peppers, nasturtiums.  Really – is there anything more beautiful?

And then there’s the back yard.  Insurance doesn’t cover the removal of fallen trees and limbs, so Bettie’s having her son and granddaughter take care of it. This actually works out best since it will cost less than paying an insurance deductible, and her kids could use the extra cash.  She’s going to call the city to confirm, but I think it covers storm debris removal at no extra cost.  I told Bettie to ask if the kids would like to earn a few extra bucks by taking care my cherry tree as well.  If the city’s going to pick up the other debris, might as throw that one in, too.  They’d never know the difference. So – despite all the drama – this episode may just have a happy ending after all.

Well, except for all the to-dos left on my to-do list.  And #1 on this list is the roof.  I’m glad it survived the wind storm, though I secretly wish it have been ripped off once and for all.  Clearly it has staying power, so I’ll take that as a positive.  My plan is to start working on the porch roof this weekend.  It’s easy to reach and is less visible than the front of the house thus a better candidate for a practice run.  I cannot say enough how much I am NOT looking forward to this project.  Just another thankless homeowner task. But at least I have a home.

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