9-1/2 Weeks

I read the following line in a blog yesterday.

[Of her winter scene painting] “Is it obvious how bad I want winter to come back to Canada? What with all my winter pictures… I can’t express it any other way, but I really want the cold wind back on my face!”

I keep thinking that this statement will make sense to me if I re-read it.  It hasn’t yet. We are about 9-1/2 weeks away from the first day of fall, and the thought of it makes me cry inside.

I also read a blurb in another blog that caught my attention.  It was about blogging effectively, which I know I do not do.  The gist was that I should write every day whether or not I have something to say.  While I get the marketing concept of staying in someone’s face to keep yourself relevant, I just don’t have that much to say on a daily basis. Plus it seems a little aggressive for my taste.  That said, I understand that I have been lax and unfocused.  I hereby vow to start writing more frequently, regardless of whether or not I have something to say.

Did I mention there are 9-1/2 weeks until fall?  Brrrrrrrr…….

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