365 Project – Week 6

Week 6?!  I am truly impressed with myself for making it this far.  I’m even more impressed that I’ve put real thought and effort into (some of) my drawings.  This is a direct result of having a stress-less job, and I will remember this the next time I have an anxiety attack over my lack of funds.

While I’m generally happy with what I’ve done this week, I can’t help but notice that I tend to lose my mojo on Fridays.  I find that by week’s end, I don’t want to come up with another subject. And I certainly don’t want to tackle new technical challenges. Which is why today’s drawing, as an example, is pretty darn weak.

I reminisced  about my first drawing class on the way into work this morning .  The  prof had us draw a still life on the first day (a cow skull, to be specific) and draw it again at the end of the term.  I was so pleased with the progress I’d made,  though I had no sense of it during the semester.  Now I’m thinking – what if I do the same thing with this project, only do it once a week?  Just draw the same object  – say, an apple – every Friday and see how/if I improve over time.  It might get tiresome, but at least I won’t have to brainstorm for a new subject.  I’ll have to think about this a bit, but my gut says to give it a whirl.

Until then, feel free to check out my progress!

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