365 Project ~ Week 7

I’m posting week 7, but I’m really jumping the gun. The drawing-posting relationship has gotten all out of whack since my wireless scanner stopped scanning wirelessly.  So I started doing my drawings at night and scanning them at work the next day.  Then I started slipping and doing a little at night, and a little the next morning, then scanning them and labeling them the previous day’s drawing.  And then maybe one or two weren’t even started until the next day because – really – who’s going to know?

I’m like that, you know.  Give me an inch……

I’m confessing now because I can see where this is going.  I don’t generally like rules – especially my own – but this is kinda defeating the purpose.  Which is to draw once a day, every day, regardless of scanner capabilities.

I’m also jumping the gun because I haven’t done today’s drawing.  I will do this tonight. HONEST!  And maybe I’ll fix the scanner settings, too.  But I wanted to get this post done so I can move on to some other thoughts.  Like the month-end weather report. Ooh. Ah.

I’ve just made an executive decision to showcase my favorite drawing of the week each Friday.  This week’s fav is:

I adore my little man.  If he were of the species homo sapien , I’d marry him. Sweet, cuddly, easy-going.

And mute.

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