Day 55

I finally wised up and started a test for my mission painting.  I was trying to teach myself to paint and create a finished piece in the same painting, and it wasn’t working for me.  Now I have a place to test out ideas without the worry of ruining what I’ve started.

What I like?  The high contrast, the amber highlights on the adobe against the blue sky, and the highlights on the bell.

What I don’t like?  The dark, muddy brown wall, and the crooked/blurry cross (which was just an afterthought and not part of the test).

The mission is actually white, but I really like the amber.  So do I stick with realistic colors, or go for bold?  I have a bad habit of being uber-realistic and literal, so my gut says I need to go for bold.  Decisions…..

4 thoughts on “Day 55

    1. You do love your bells, don’t you?! Too many years living with a ding-a-ling? [That was for Pop… actually hurt me to write it.]

  1. Pop loved it!! It was almost one of those “that’s my girl” moments. Now I worry about what really did rub off on you.

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