Day 69

Sometimes it’s about the tools, not the painting.  I’m clearing out a corner in my guest bedroom to use as a studio, but I do not have a work table or easel.  I just want something simple and sturdy…and affordable.  After a bit of searching online, I’ve determined that manufactured easels are out of my price range.  So in keeping with my “I can make that for less” philosophy, here is my simple plan for an easel using 1×3″ pine lumber.  I’ve given myself a $30 budget (a fraction of the cost I found online).  If I can pull this off, I may just go into business for myself!

3 thoughts on “Day 69

  1. Good luck with the project – I was thinking along similar lines. I have a couple of easels but they are not man enough for large canvases – so a DIY easel is a much better bet than spending an arm and a leg ! Have fun : ) }

    1. Thanks, Chris! I’ll be sure to post a picture so you can see how it turns out. And I’m always having fun when there’s a fresh idea brewing in my brain!

  2. Unfortunately, when you have made a gazillion as a mogul in the inexpensive easel business, you will no longer be hanging around with the likes of us.

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