Day 76

cm - Day 76 by mudgirl66
cm – Day 76, a photo by mudgirl66 on Flickr.

When I first took a drawing class in college, I would draw everything very small. It gave me a sense of security, and a big sheet of white paper was intimidating. Now I’m having the opposite reaction. Small is too restrictive to me, and I’d rather have drawn this acorn 2’x2′ rather than 2″x2″ as I did. Even my scanner was unhappy with this, and it came through blurry. I tried to fix it in PS, but this is the best I could do. Lesson learned!

3 thoughts on “Day 76

  1. Nothing wrong with being picky about an image one puts up, but I see nothing wrong with the acorn when I click on it and make it big. Of course I have not seen the original.

    May I ask . . . did you change the Theme here recently? It seems different since my last visit. The reason that I ask is that I recently renovated my own blog with a different Theme, and I chose one of similar appearance. In any event this is an attractive layout and one that I like a lot obviously.

    1. I did change the theme about a month ago. I looked at every (free) layout with a black background, but wanted one with a bit of a personality as well. I’m really happy with this one so far.

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