August 2012

Posting this month’s data hurts.  I cannot believe that summer is over already.  My stomach lurched when I started typing in the daily norms and noticed that the  numbers are in decline.  This has been the most unsatisfactory summer as far as weather goes, so I’m not particularly sad to see it go.  Still, the days of open windows and humidity are coming to an end. Welcome cabin fever and dry, itchy skin.

I really should be living in a tree house in the Amazon.

This past month was particularly odd because it was particularly “normal”.  We were just one degree above normal with no major swings in temperature.  I suspect this is due in part to the fact that it rained all. month. long.  I’m on the 4th day of my four-day weekend, and it has rained all 4 days.  The mild temperatures have been nice, but the constant cloud cover is depressing. I’m trying not to think too much about winter and the heavy snow forecast.  And I’m working really hard not to worry about how I’ll be able to afford heat this year.  I suspect this will be a long, long winter.

Fortunately, there is still fall to enjoy.  It is my favorite season, hands down.  I have no inkling how our foliage will turn out this year.   It’s been wet on the west ridge and dry on the east, so no telling what will happen.  We need a good hot, dry spell to stress the leaves to intensify their colors.  7 weeks away from prime leafpeeping.  I’ll keep you posted!

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