The Colors of Fall

I’ve  been in a bit of a mood lately and am doing everything in my power to shake it off.  It’s the first day of fall today –  my favorite season of the year – and I don’t want to miss out on one glorious moment of it.  It’s been a summery day so far, but there’s a cold front on its way.  Tomorrow’s high is expected to be a full 20 degrees lower than today, and tomorrow’s night-time temps could fall into the 30s. I will complain ad nauseam about the cold temperatures from November through April.  But today, I love it!

In honor of the autumnal equinox, I went seeking the first true signs of fall.  I have a bit of a leafpeeping ritual which includes stopping for coffee and breakfast at my favorite (and only) pre-dawn eating establishment. That’s Waffle House, in case you missed the subtlety of their signage.  I have to say, our WH is really quite good.  Clean, quiet, decent eggs and toast, and no less than 3 waitresses per patron.  1 egg over easy, one piece of toast and 4 cups of coffee for $3.75, including tax.  Hard to beat it in these parts.

I don’t usually start at 5:30am, but I really wanted to see the sunrise. The best view around here, of course, is from the top of a mountain. So I headed back to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  My timing could not have been better.  I wasn’t there 5 minutes before the sun peeked over the first ridge.  And within a couple of minutes, the show was over.

Again, my quest today was to capture  fall color.  I drove back down into the valley where the fields are showing the first signs of harvest season.  The corn stalks are turning brown, the soybeans a bright yellow, and a grass/grain unknown to me a most incredible bright orangey-gold. Not to mention the goldenrod blooming  EVERYWHERE.  If we continue to get cool days and nippy nights, this could end up being a spectacular leafpeeping season.  And that means we could see some brilliant reds, oranges and burgundies up in the mountains this year.  Very exciting, considering the disappointing showing over the last few years.

I wish I had more shots, but my battery died half-way through my tour.  It’s a start, and we still have a full month of leafpeeping ahead of us!


8 thoughts on “The Colors of Fall

  1. This is magnificent color already. What joy it would be to have a brilliant show of nature come October. Thanks for getting up early to capture this because I doubt I will ever see a sunrise over the Blue Ridge. Maybe a sunset….

  2. We’ve had a picture-perfect end of summer. I hope it continues through October. No better time to be here, that’s for sure!

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