The Colors of Fall – Continued

I couldn’t resist taking another drive this morning, this time towards the Alleghanies. These western mountains are slightly more rugged than the Blue Ridge and are sparsely populated.  Jack Mountain (the nearest mountain to my west) is double the elevation of Afton Mountain (where I access the AT and Blue Ridge Parkway on the east).  As such, the leaves change quite a bit earlier.  About 2 weeks earlier, or so I was told by a local I passed on my walk this morning.  Good thing I’ve got my leafpeeping groove on, or I might have missed it altogether.

As it is with most of my outings, I was not prepared and didn’t have enough gas to drive up into the hills. So I just enjoyed what I could see from the base.

Just a few more pictures of fall color, all taken at Augusta Springs Wetlands.

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