Picture, if you will, a flailing traumatized cat. Much like this:

Now picture said cat with its needle-sharp teeth and talons latched to my thumb.

Poor Pip.  She has a skin condition that is driving her nearly insane.Poor thumb. It found its way between her teeth and itchy spot.

So far there is no sign of infection, and the digit is very much intact.  Incredible, considering the amount of blood that spewed from my wrist and hand like a pin-poked water balloon.  I may be  falling apart with age, but fortunately I’m still a fabulous healer.

There is quite a bit of swelling, a fair number of cuts and punctures, and a whole lot of pain.  I’ve been taking my ibuprofen like a good girl, and slept well with a bag of frozen corn nibblets wrapped around my thumb. I think I’ll live.

What a way to put a damper on my recent new-job high.

4 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Damn, is that a feral cat? How old is the cat? Male? Female? I have 3 cats. One that moved from Richmond with me – she’s testy and will claw & bite – got her from the city of Richmond SPCA – she’s our ghetto kitty. The other 2 are from the same litter – rescued during Hurricane Francis and raised at a ladies house full of dogs prior to being put up for adoption….they are the sweetest cats ever – never scratch or bite – ever….the vet can’t believe it. I now believe next round I will seek a well socialized litter….I have always had rescues from the SPCA and they are always problematic in one way or another. Jake spent too much time with her dogs and now he often acts like one. 🙂

    1. Actually, she’s incredibly gentle and not the least bit feral. She will turn 10 on Christmas Day and spent the first 8 weeks of her life in the local SPCA. She’s the middle of three and is so sweet, she can drive me crazy. Not one of my cats is the least bit aggressive (though the oldest can shoot you one hell of an evil eye). She’s just distressed due to chronic skin irritations. And with fleas being so bad this year, I know she’s utterly miserable – even with her Advantage drops. She wasn’t aiming for my hand when she bit me, I’m sure of it. I gave her more drops, and she’s been calm ever since. I just suspect she needs something more. And fortunately, I can afford vet visits again!!!

      p.s. My “baby” is 5, weighs about 17 pounds and acts just like a lap dog. I couldn’t love a critter more than I do him!

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