Halloween Avoidance 2012

I don’t have a problem with Halloween in theory.  Even I was a kid once, you know, and loved to dress up and beg for cheap candy.  I get it. Honest. I just don’t care to participate anymore.

I’m not really a Scrooge. I just don’t have many kids in my neighborhood, and I can’t stand sitting at home waiting for a random kid or two to show up . ‘Cuz you know the first one will get there at 6pm and the last one at 9pm, and I’ll be on edge all night waiting for the knock on the door in between. Not to mention all the candy I’d inhale when it’s all said and done.  It’s just all so wrong.

In lieu of candy-pimping, I’m continuing my own Halloween tradition tonight.  I took myself out to dinner, then stopped by Starbucks for coffee and a little wi-fi time.  In an hour or so, I’ll stop by my favorite watering hole on the way home  for a nightcap,  then call it a night.

**Props to the Starbucks girl who is handing out candy to her wee costumed customers right now.  And double props to the guys at El Puerto who were all decked out in impressively disturbing costumes of their own.  **

The only problem with my plan is that sitting around doing nothing is very tiring.  Right now, there are approximately 40 million kids bouncing off the walls from adrenaline and sugar overdoses. 40 MILLION!!  I, on the other hand,  am slowly fading. The roads (and sidewalks) are not safe from ghouls and goblins, but I really just want to go home and go to bed.

It’s 7:45.

(Happy Halloween!)

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