October 2012

Only 2 months to go!!

I had to stop myself and think of what made me start this project in the first place.  If you remember, I spent most of my discretionary time last winter and early spring planning my big garden.  I researched seeds and soils and composting. I consulted farming charts and loads of agricultural websites. And I started to chart the weather.

Staunton’s in a fringe zone.  Zone 7 begins just a few miles to the east, and zone 5 just a few to the west, leaving us somewhere in zone 6a or 6 b. I’m up on at substantial hill, and most weather data is collected down in the valley.  This makes a big difference when you’re nestled up against the mountains, I assure you.

So my year of charts is a way for me to start collecting data on what “normal” is around here.  Of course, the numbers aren’t exactly dead on, since the data is collected at the airport nearly 20 miles away from me (and hundreds of feet lower in elevation).  But it’s a start.

Irony is:  I am no longer interested in growing vegetables.  So much work. So many weather threats. So little yield.  Next year, I’m going to spend more attention to my herbs and perennials, and start experimenting with annual flowers.  We have a wonderful farmers market, and I plan to make the most of it next year.

I almost forgot!  Average temps were +2 above normal, both highs and lows.

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