Small Space, Simple Solution

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my week away from the computer in the evenings.  So much so that I’m thinking of doing it on a more regular basis.  I’m not sure how this blogging thing will work out without being plugged in, but I’d sure like to try.

During my cyber-free week, I spent a lot of time designing plans for my new work space.  The more I thought, the more complex the plans became.  Platforms, lofts, Murphy beds…. anything that would preserve the most work space while incorporating a bed.  It wasn’t until I was caffeinating myself at Kathy’s last Saturday before a day’s worth of construction that the most obvious solution hit me.  And it was by far the simplest plan.

My bed needed wheels.

Roll Away

I simply built a small platform for my bed and attached casters to the bottom.  This way, I can easily slide the bed from one side of the room to the other depending on the amount of space I need at any given time.  I guess it still looks like a bedroom, but it’s not cluttered with dressers, night stands and other bedroom paraphernalia. Every aspect – aside from the bed – is designed for me to do what I love at any given moment. I should have done this a long, long time ago.

I still have a lot of work to do, but here’s a rundown on Phase I.

I bought wood for the outside perimeter of the frame but used the platform from an old bed that was falling apart.  I screwed eight blocks around the bottom of the frame, screwed on the casters, and I had my new rollaway bed. And for just a few dollars.

Work TableI also used a combination of new and old wood to create the corner desk, which is still under construction.  I think I have just enough scrap plywood to build the shelves, and maybe enough trim to cover all the rough edges. Functionally, I just need a bit of surface area and some shelves for storing bins, and I think this will serve my purpose.  Oh, and a permanent home for my sewing machine, et al.  I’m so tired of dragging that thing around from room to room, and even more tired of hunting down the numerous boxes of accoutrements. Kind of takes the buzz out of a spontaneous crafting moment.

Computer Closet

The reason I was offline this last week was due to my computer arrangement.  I got halfway into consolidating my electronic gadgets when I ran out of wires & cords.  I have the large items in place now, and only need a few more shelves to finish it off. I spent the better part of yesterday building a door for this closet only to find I’d made it about 1/8″ too wide all the way around.  Not to mention that the plywood was warped and terribly heavy. Fortunately it hit me that I could get the same finished result by just hanging a curtain.  I have to make new curtains for the other windows anyway, so what’s one more?  In the meantime, a scrap of muslin thrown over a string will suffice.

And lastly, what’s a new design project without a new paint job?!  I have wanted a gray room for years now, but couldn’t think of a place where gray would be appropriate.  I can’t think of better place than a pseudo-studio.  I’ve only painted a couple of walls, as I couldn’t get to the other side until the furniture was moved out.  I found the stark charcoal color shocking at first, but now I love it.  And once the furniture is painted white and more white curtains are added, I think the contrast will be stunning.  Throw in a pop of red, and it’s downright chic.
New Color

So, that’s what I’ve got so far.  Phase II includes building shelves, painting the furniture and – at some point – building an easel and sewing curtains. Hopefully I’ll get through the bulk of it next weekend so I can get back to my painting once and for all.~

4 thoughts on “Small Space, Simple Solution

  1. I am so much more productive when I leave that computer off in the evenings. It’s harder with the iPhone but I can put that down too! I love how that room is looking!

  2. I think you are right. The Internet is such a gift, but, such a ball and chain. Whenever I am forced, either by location or some other reason to leave my computer behind, I always come back feeling somewhat surprised how freeing it has been and how I haven’t really missed it. Of course, it doesn’t take long to forget this 🙂

  3. I just had another bout of down time. Just as I configured my new computer space, my laptop crashed. This second time around wasn’t as liberating, perhaps because it wasn’t by choice? I’m at a crossroads: give up the internet altogether, or embrace it. I’m leaning towards the latter, despite the repercussions. I really have missed WordPress and other uplifting sites. Facebook(speaking of ball and chain) may history soon enough.

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