A Smidge of This, and a Dollop of That

I have had connectivity issues lately, both electronically and personally. The former is nearly corrected.  The latter, well…..

I am almost done with my studio renovation. Everything’s built; I just need to paint (and take pictures).  To top if off, a dear friend lent me her old trusty easel.  I’m honored to be its guardian. Anyway, I took apart my computer setup during this renovation process, rendering me disconnected for a week.  Just as I was putting the pieces back together, my laptop crashed.  More downtime.  I purchased a new computer and found that while I really like Windows 8, my peripherals and programs do not. More downtime. Arg.

***For the record, I really like Windows 8.  It runs just like Windows 7 but has this fun, graphic over lay of apps (or “charms” as they are called).  And my new PC is so much faster than my 6+ year-old laptop.  I had no idea what I was missing! ***

So, the electronic issue is fixed.  Now for the important stuff.

It feels good to be up and running again, though it really felt good to step back a bit as well.  I’m still relatively new to blogging, but I really missed the few connections I’ve made through WordPress.  I have found a surprising amount of support and oodles of inspiration.  Ironic that I have this lovely new creative work space, and yet I haven’t done a thing.  I realize it’s only been a few days now, but I was hoping to be a bit more inspired by now.  Could be that I’m still tired from this new job, or that it’s the holidays, or I’m concerned about my father’s sudden decline in health.  All legitimate distractions, I know.  But I’d sure feel better about myself if I could get moving on something.

Sketch 116One major concession I’ve made is that I’m too far behind on my 365 project to actually refer to it as a 365 project.  It’s now just a sketchbook with no strings attached.  Maybe once the time constraints are removed, I’ll feel less pressure to perform (and less guilt when I fail).  I have done very little since Thanksgiving, but what I have completed is now posted here:  Sketchbook.

I have Large Expectations for 2013 which, if I’m counting correctly, begins in a mere 25 days.  I believe that is sufficient time to catch up on sleep, wallow in my lethargy, establish a new game plan and come out ready to rumble on January 1!

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