Bring on the New Year!

I’ve looked forward to this moment for months now.  The end of well-deserved rest, the beginning of a new year, and a renewed interest in reading, writing and making art. But before I muddle my way through my first post of 2013, please bear with me as I whine about my holiday just a bit.

While the rest of the world gathered for celebratory feasts and the unwrapping of iPresents, I came down with an ugly case of the flu.  My first flu experience ever, including 102 degree temps, fever-induced hallucinations, and hours upon hours of bed rest (which were anything but).  Now that I know how awful the flu can be, I am a full-fledged, card-carrying proponent of the flu shot. I’m still congested up to the tippy top of my head, and my lungs and rest of my body are exhausted from chronic hacking.  Fortunately, each new day is better than the next, and I’m hoping this trend will continue straight through the year.

Happy New Year!

I’ve only actively celebrated New Years a couple of times in my life, including Y2K (and only then to witness the collapse of the financial industry’s technological infrastructure first hand (such a disappointment)). I’m a devout morning person and seldom find a good excuse to stay up past 10pm. I’ve also never understood drinking too much and starting a fresh year with a hangover.  My preference is to spend this time with a clear head, self-reflecting and making my yearly “to-do” list.   I don’t usually make strict resolutions due to their low success rate; instead, I liked to compile lists of doable things that I can complete and mark-off. My longest list exceeded 100 items of which I completed approximately 75 of them.  Not bad, considering I would have done much less without the list.

This year, however, I’m taking a new approach.  No lists, no resolutions. Just one concept: to be the person I dream about being.  I have a very clear vision of who I am and who I want to be, and these two people are currently sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum.  I am selling myself short in every imaginable way, and I have no one to blame but myself. And I don’t know about you, but I have recently become uber-aware of the passing of time.  I’ve run out of excuses. I don’t want to run out of time. Wish me luck!

I realize this is a short entry, but I’m running low on energy. I just wanted to dip my toes back in the water and declare my intention of blogging my way through another year.

Until next time – a very happy and healthy and self-affirming 2013 to all!

3 thoughts on “Bring on the New Year!

  1. That’s a good goal for 2013! My theme for the year is going to be moderation in all things — food consumption, internet consumption, the words that come out of my mouth, etc. Moderation! I always have trouble with that one.

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