2013: The Year of Patience

I’m trying really hard to find anything good about winter, but it gets harder every year.  And this recent cold blast has not endeared me to the season. If it’s going to be this cold, than at least it should have the decency to snow.  If not, I vote we just move on to spring. In the mean time, I am sleeping. And practicing patience.

I am patiently awaiting spring.  

I am patiently sticking to a healthier diet.

I am patiently watching as my father’s health declines.

I am patiently paying off my debt I accrued last year

I am patiently working on my projects despite my lack of motivation.

I am patiently settling into my job without kicking myself for novice mistakes.

I am being patient. I’m told it’s a virtue

But it is very hard.

Hopefully my efforts pay off in 2014.

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