365: A Year in Review

February is quickly becoming my favorite month.  Still winter, and  still cold. But short. And hopeful. With just a glimmer of spring. And oodles of chocolate on clearance on the 15th. What isn’t to love?

Most importantly, my winter blues tend to retreat around Groundhog’s Day. I don’t know why I persist in making plans in January when I know I will only hibernate.  I will remember this next winter.

Now, back to business.

Day 89

I started working on my 2nd oil painting again…the landscape scene with the mountains in the background. It’s not turning out the way I’d planned, but I think I’m going to like it. I have 4 other paintings in the works as well, each with promise.  I’m taking them slow and working on them only when it feels right.  But I am working on them, and that’s a huge improvement over January’s lull.

While I’m waiting for my painting mojo to kick in, I need to ramp up  my sketching.  I’ve yet to post them, but I managed to eek out 4 or 5 drawings in January.  I’ve long since given up the commitment to draw every day, but that’s really pathetic.  So I am officially re-committing myself to a daily sketch and hope that I will succeed at least 50% of the time with a 10-20% margin of error.  And for inspiration, I am revisiting my top 10 favorite drawings of 2012. I was really on a roll there for a while. Hope I haven’t forgotten everything I learned…

#10 Crab. Yum.

cm - Day 53

#9 Paper clip. Laborious but satisfying.

CM - Day 3

#8 Skull. I love chiaroscuro. I like eerie, too.Day 104

#7 Squash. One of my favorite vegetables drawn for one of my favorite people. cm - Day 37-rev
#6. Buddha. I think I captured his good side.cm - Day 35
#5. Living Room. Just feels like home.day 41
#4. Pujah. I love my baby boy!Real Pujah

#3. Leaf. Water isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Day 106

#2. Gargoyle. How could you not love this face?!cm - Day 16
#1. Stapler. There’s no improving on perfection.
Day 1

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