It’s All in the Details

I just took an online quiz about my personality based on the things I like.  Official result?  I am weird (their words, not mine).  That explains… everything.

I did actually Google for insight on what our likes say about our personalities.  I lost interest in continuing the search after tripping over that little gem of a quiz, but I am curious about what makes people tick. Especially me, since I haven’t been ticking much lately.  I’m a little worried my battery died.  I fell asleep thinking about what inspires and motivates me. It was still on my mind when I woke, and through my 4th cup of coffee at breakfast.  It might not sound like much of an ordeal, but this should not take such effort!

One obvious interest is photography.  Not professional quality art photos; just plain ol’ pictures.  I have my camera with me at all times… just in case I feel the need to roll down the window while driving and snap a few mementos.  This morning, I planned to drive downtown to take a few pictures of a scene (building) I’m attempting to paint. I parked at the edge of town and walked along the main thoroughfare, staring at the tops of all these old building as a passed.  Within one block, I was struck simultaneously by three thoughts.

1) I positively adore old architecture.  Easily ranks in the top 5 all my all-time favorite things. (Interest #2. I’m on a roll!)

2) I fell in love with and moved to this town because of all its fabulous old buildings.

3) Architecture is not quite enough to sustain a love affair. (A topic for a later date)

I have lived here for nearly 11 (OH MY GOD HOW IS THIS HUMANLY POSSIBLE) years now, and I saw a side of this 4-block town I’d never noticed before.  I always recognized and felt the age of the buildings, but I never really took in all the fabulous details as I should have.

In honor of my minor mental breakthrough, I collected a few shots of the architectural tidbits I discovered (or re-discovered) this morning. Now I just need to get out of this town and discover what other tidbits the world has to offer.

Bank III
Once again, size does impress
Neglected but still magnificent
Master craftsmanship on every corner
Clock store plaster frieze
County courthouse (for JZ)
Level floors are for wimps
Dixie Theater mosaic
Arts Center…maybe…one day
Shiny tiles
Bank I
Grand structure complete with Tiffany glass skylight.
No girls allowed!!
Masonic building with masonic-motif windows
Clocktower III
Clocktower brick detail

6 thoughts on “It’s All in the Details

  1. You’re not weird. Lots of us take our cameras around in case of chance shots, especially with all the phones on our gizmos (high tech term for gadgets). On a non-related topic, I just found out that Everybody’s in Emory Village is closing. I know you learned about it during your Decatur days. I grew up with that place, especially during high school days. Too much change and culture shock as we get older and lose our old reliables.

    Have a great weekend Carolyn.

  2. I don’t know, Jim. The quiz result said I was “weird”, and you know that everything on the internet is true!! And it didn’t ask about my quirky camera habits….

    Sorry to hear about Everybody’s. Always hurts when a childhood icon shuts down, doesn’t it? Decatur has changed so drastically, I barely recognized it. All this change needs to slow down so I can keep up.

    1. Of course, I don’t think I’m weird. It’s everyone else I question. 🙂 And, yes, I do love details. So much so that I often miss the big picture.

    1. I thought the same thing after typing my last response. However, there are times when I dismiss the big picture because of a minor detail. Especially when it comes to assessing people…

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