Back to the Beginning….Again

I’m beginning to think that every blog entry of mine this year has been a resignation. I was  on a roll with my 365 blog until I switched jobs and lost momentum, and I haven’t gained traction since. I have tried several times to will my mojo back, but I find it takes more than good intentions. In short, I stayed away too long and now have to start from the beginning.

paperI took an introductory painting class at a local community college a few years ago. And I do mean introductory. How to hold a paintbrush, how to work with color, how to create basic effects, etc. The first classroom assignment was to fold a piece of paper, unfold it, then paint it. It took me about an hour to figure out how to apply paint to paper (it is NOT as easy as you’d think), and another hour or so to create the composition.  But after all this time, I’m still very pleased with the outcome.  I’m also convinced that my teacher’s methods were spot on for first time painters.  As such,  I decided to revisit the class syllabus (or at least some of it) and see if I can’t recapture some of the skills I’ve apparently lost over the last 6 months.

So it’s back to the beginning.  Back to simple projects. Back to acrylics.

The first assignment was to chose one color and create a composition using one white object.  The objective is explore shading.  We were asked to paint two paintings; I’ve chosen to paint four – just for extra practice.  I’ve collected my objects and will work on this assignment over next week.  And just for fun, I’m posting my original painting along side my updated paintings.  I hope this doesn’t prove to be too embarrassing.

1st contrast painting (2010)
1st contrast painting (2010)
1st Contrast Painting (2013)

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