The Best Day of the Year

I slept in my bedroom with the windows open last night. I’ve been looking forward to that moment all winter long. My heat is off, the sun is shining brightly, and my gardens are beginning to look like…well, gardens.  This is the BEST day of the year!


I must emphasize that I slept in my actual bedroom last night.  I can’t remember when I decided to convert my spare bedroom to a studio (December, maybe), but I’ve been living in that studio ever since.  My bedroom, of course, evolved into a storage room, as do all rooms in my house that are left unmanned for any length of time.  It took a bit of work (including rebuilding my old maple bed), but it’s all back in order now.  And I haven’t slept so well in a very, very long time.

To top if off, I woke up to the most glorious sunrise. Isn’t spring marvelous?!

I drove out into the country yesterday to look for signs of new life but, alas, there were none.  The trees are all still barren, and the spring crops have not yet been sown.  I thought that I would at least see tilled fields, but I guess it’s still too wintery.  Theoretically, our last chance of killer frost is May 15, though I don’t think we’ve come close to that since I’ve lived here.  Still, the farmers know what they are doing.  I will just have to remain patient.

My yard, however, is a different story.  My perennials are popping up all over the place – including places far from their point of origin.  Not many blooms yet (except for the forsythia and candytuft), but it is reassuring to see tiny green and burgundy shoots peek out from under the mulch.

I know it’s  too early to get excited about spring flowers, but it’s what gets me through winter.  And until I get out and do something mildly interesting, this is all I’ve got to report.  So please indulge me.



(My first time catching them bud.)








No idea.  Any suggestions?  (Hint: it’s a herb)

Winner:  Lovage!  I just hope I can remember this next time.



10 thoughts on “The Best Day of the Year

  1. Did you plant rhubarb? The unknown sprout certainly looks like the beginning of rhubarb. I’m tasting strawberry-rhubarb pie right now.

    1. I haven’t planted rhubarb. It has to be something that’s been growing in my herb patch for a few years, I’d think.

    1. Not celery. I don’t think celery even grows here.

      Wait! Maybe it’s borage?! I think that’s the herb that tastes like celery. I’ll look into that further. Thanks for jostling my memory!

      1. Are you sure it is not celery? It can not be borage for sure because borage is annual and it is covered with fine hair all over the plant. The image is smooth without fine hair on the plant.

      2. I misspoke. It’s not borage, it’s lovage! It looks a lot like celery, and tastes much like it as well (only stronger).

  2. I love the transition between winter-spring and summer-fall. I stepped outside and felt the crisp air. It was such a relief after the scorching days we’ve had this summer. But it made me miss home even more. I wanted to watch football, carve a pumpkin, and make soup. So I made soup. One out of three isn’t bad.

    Thanks for the post. The photos are beautiful.

    1. I love the transition from summer to fall as well…when I can stop myself from thinking about winter following behind.

      Soup is good, football and pumpkin-carving are even better. Hope you enjoy all three this fall!!

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