A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Gardens

The last two weekends have been ideal for gardening, and I took full advantage.  I weeded, thinned, transplanted, dug and mulched until my muscles screamed – and I loved every minute of it,

New Garden

The highlight of my efforts is the new garden.  I ran out of space in my front yard, so I had to move into my neighbor’s yard – with her blessing, of course.  To her, it’s a thankless piece of grass to mow but not to enjoy.  To me, it’s another 150 square feet of full-sun nirvana.  So as I did with the front yard, I pulled out my trusty pick-ax and pulled out the grass one clod at a time.   I planted some of my tried-and-true favorites that thrive in this area: Echinacea, Achillea, Hollyhock, Shasta Daisy, with borders of thyme, lavender and St. John’s Wort. It will take a year or two for it all to fill in, so I threw in annual seeds  leftover from last year. Hopefully they will germinate and add a little color.  If not, no loss.

After last year’s struggle with my raised beds, I didn’t plan to plant  any vegetables this year. But there’s a patch of dirt at the top of the new garden space that will eventually fill with English Ivy.  Until then, it’s a perfect site for the trellis I built last year. So I figured I’d take advantage and plant some black cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  Nothing like last year’s endeavor, but just enough for a few treats.

I still have a ton of weeding to do, some of which requires toxic chemicals which I will use unapologetically.  Once we start to dry out and the aggressive weeds die back – namely pokeweed and poison ivy – I’ll break out the chainsaw (thanks again, Richard!) and start hacking away at the fallen trees littering my backyard.  Until then, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy Spring.

Just for reference, here’s how things looked six weeks ago. And what a difference six weeks makes!

May 14
May 14
April 1
April 1

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