Project 125

I started my 365 drawing project almost 365 days ago.  Sadly, I only made it to 125.  I’m perturbed that I wasn’t able to sustain my initial energy, but I’m not actually surprised. I put in a lot of man hours, and life does tend to interfere.

On a positive note, I made it to 125!  That’s 125 more drawings/sketches/paintings than I produced in all my years since college combined.  So I’m calling this a win.  To be clear, not all the postings are finished products, but not all I did made it to a posting.  I’m pretty confident it’s a wash.

Once again, I’m committing myself to this effort. Not to the 365 bit (or even 125), but to the spirit of the project which is to do something creative every day – even if it’s a stick figure or primed canvas.

I’ve only completed four drawings in the last few weeks – all flowers, go figure. I actually enjoyed myself, which is the secret to my success.  Click SKETCHBOOK if you’d like check up on me and cheer me on!

4 thoughts on “Project 125

    1. Thanks, Judy. It feels great to create again. Maybe one day you’ll have creations to share with me? Surely there’s something around the house that could benefit from your artistic touch!

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