Sage Advice from a Most Unlikely Source

Seems like just yesterday I was begging for spring. If I’d known the tests to come, I would have been more patient. First, my father. Next, my job. And just for good measure, a health scare. I should have known better than to test the Power of Threes.

It looks like layoffs will be announced in the 4th quarter. Whether that’s October or December, I have no idea, but I’m planning on October so I don’t become too complacent. And being the good little planner that I am, I’m tying up loose ends now so I have less to worry about when the deed is done. Which meant going to the doctor and facing both chastisement for being 3 years behind and the potential of an actual health issue (not getting any younger here).  Keep in mind that my nerves have been frazzled for a couple of months now and I don’t have much to work with.  So when I got the call back saying that there is an “area of concern”, I made the follow-up appointment and started mapping out my will.  No kidding – it’s how I cope.  After being poked and prodded and subjected to three rounds of tests, I’m told that I am fine, that the mass is benign.  My doctor sternly told me never to miss a mammogram again – insured or not. I won’t. Crisis averted, and I can breathe again.

Backtracking to my initial appointment.  I was sure the nurse practitioner would tell me to lose some weight and subject me to  a bunch of tests, but she didn’t say a word.  I am  in exceedingly good health, sprained calf muscle and all.  I actually had to beg her to order blood work to check up on my anemia and cholesterol levels, just to be certain.  This is all great news and makes me very happy.

What the nurse did offer was advice regarding my impending layoff.  Based on the dull and bewildered look on her face while we chatted, I could tell she never had to worry about job security (nor is she the sharpest knife in the drawer).  She threw out a few annoyingly obvious points before growing silent for a moment.  And then she said, “Sounds like your next ‘job’ should be taking unemployment, taking care of yourself and talking to a career counselor. I’m told a good counselor can offer great advice and has contacts.” I was floored.   It was perfect advice given at the perfect time.  It’s as if she was actually knew me and my process of stressing myself sick, panicking and taking the first job that is offered.  

So that’s it.  I’ve just updated my resume and will respond to any ideal job posting, but I’m not going to panic; I’m not going to act in desperation. And I really mean it this time. If the time comes when I need to hand my problem over to a professional, I will.  Until then, I am going to enjoy the rest of my summer.

Since I haven’t done anything but stress up until now, I don’t have anything positive to post except more garden pictures.  My early summer flowers are already fading. I cannot believe this is the last day of June already. Sigh.

Can you see the mass of yellow pollen on this bee’s knees?  He’s only a bitty bee, but still important in the grand scheme of things.  Just doing my part to reinvigorate the insect population.


Front Yard 6

Front Yard 7Front Yard 5


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