Tra La La La La

Tonight was my first night with the Choral Society.

I have to say that I expected a group of old folk singing hymns and hits from the 50s.  And I was partly correct:  I am one of the youngest members.  And while there were some traditional songs (we are preparing for the Christmas season, after all), there was one that just about knocked me on my keister.  I had more than one flashback to my high school choral director and his crazy contemporary compositions.  They are a bear to sing under the best conditions, and I was the only one there who didn’t get an advance peek.  AND half the sopranos didn’t show last night, so my squeaky, nervous voice surely stuck out like nails on a chalkboard. Way to introduce myself to the fold.

As we were leaving, several people told me that they were glad I came and they hoped to see me again.  HA! I paid my fee for the season.  You WILL be seeing me again – squeaky voice and all!  One gentleman assured me that not all rehearsals are this tough.  I just smiled and assured told him that I’d been through much worse. Little do they know that by our next rehearsal, I will not only know all the words and all my lines,  but I’ll probably have learned the alto section as well – just for good measure. As I’ve probably mentioned before, being pig-headed has its advantages.

[Oh, swell.  I just read that our concert is on the same day as the big holiday open house at the foundation. Nothing like starting a new job with a conflict.  Ho ho ho…]

2 thoughts on “Tra La La La La

  1. It’s easy for me to point out all my faults and weaknesses, but I have to give myself credit: I will try just about anything….once. 🙂

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