Don’t Hold Back Your MacGyver

November 1. Day one of thirty, and not a single thing on my mind.  And it took me 20 minutes to write that one line.

This is going to be brilliant!

I’ve read that creative endeavors require constant and consistent attention.  If I sit here every day and force myself to write something, I will form a habit.  I will develop purpose. My writing skills will improve.  One day. Just not today.

Today I cheated and used an online idea generator.  It took a few tries, but then there it was.  My inspiration. My raison d’etre. Don’t hold back your MacGyver. I want to be buried now just so I can have that carved in my tombstone. 

[Did you know that MacGyver is actually listed as a verb in the Merriam-Webster dictionary? I have renewed faith in the English language.]


Problem is, there’s nothing more to say.  It’s a perfect one-liner and requires no embellishment on my part.  Instead, I take this not as a writing prompt but as a call to action. I will make it an early night, get lots of much-needed sleep, and unleash my MacGyver in the morning.  Maybe then I’ll have something to write about.

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