So Much for Planning

Well, I didn’t pull a MacGyver yesterday, but I did get out of the house.  And considering how lethargic I’ve been lately, that’s saying something. However, I failed to realize that I’d committed myself to a month of blogging yet no longer have internet service.  I’m borrowing my neighbor’s now, and access is rather spotty. I wasn’t able to log in at all last evening. Perhaps I should have spent more time blogging and less time sharing Dr. Who posts earlier in the day.

Back to what would have been yesterday’s post:

 I refused to concede that this foliage season was a complete bust, so I drove out to my favorite foliage viewing road – Rt. 56, Vesuvius to Crabtree Falls. And there it was, the last – and best – of the 2013 fall foliage.  Not as brilliant as in the past, but still beautiful.  And no coincidence that this my favorite painting palette as well.  



Now that foliage season is over, I need new inspiration.  As I was out hunting for color yesterday, I happened to notice a few forgotten buildings along the road.  Amazing how you can drive the same road over and over and never notice them, and then they’re everywhere you look.  They can start to look the same after a while, but they all have a story. Some more interesting than others, I gather.

Abandoned 2

Abandoned 1


I realize my posts are getting shorter, but may attention span is a bit short these days, too. Maybe I’ll keep hunting for photo-ops, or maybe I’ll get back to my mile-long To Do list.  Either way, it’s Sunday morning, and daylight’s burning!

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