How to Ruin a Good Thing

Question:  How do you ruin a good thing?

Answer:   Try to change it.

And I ought to know.  I’ve tried to change nearly everything in my life, only to fall further behind.

  • I enjoyed blogging when it is random. Stick a schedule on it, and now it’s a chore.
  • I enjoy volunteering when it is on my own terms.  Stick someone else’s agenda and schedule on it, and now it’s a job.
  • I love painting and drawing.  Weighed down with blogging and volunteering obligations, my heart’s not in it.  And that is not acceptable.

How to I continue to learn and grow in all the directions I want to, and still have the energy and drive to do what I love to do…and do it well?  I don’t know. I’m asking.  Because whatever I’m doing, it’s wrong.

In the meantime, good-bye NaBlogWrimo. It was great for a day. And next time I put a timetable on something that should be enjoyable, would someone please call me out? It won’t end well.

What do you know, I just thought of something to write about!  I’ll save it for another yet-to-be-scheduled day.

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