New Year’s Resolution

For years, I made a To-Do list on New Year’s Day. Simple, complicated, profound, mundane. There was no qualification for what made the list.  And I was moderately successful at checking off my items, some years more so than others.

I am older and wiser now.  I have learned that resolutions can be motivating, but not under duress. I prefer to use this moment to reflect on last year. To consider good times and bad, failures and successes.  Maybe even envision the year to come.

This year, I resolve to make no resolutions.  No more to-do lists.  No more setting myself up for failure.  This year is just about getting back to the simple things and enjoying the moment.  And if the gods are willing, this year will be free of undue stress. No major life changes. No needless drama. No bodily trauma.

And a vacation.

A Very Happy New Year to All!

Quince "Cameo"
Quince “Cameo”

(Yes, I’m ready for Spring!!)

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