What Potent Blood Hath Modest May

Funny how every year I get excited about spring in April while spring weather is still so far away.  May is when the real action begins.  How can you not love this month?

I’ve been laboring  every weekend for several weeks now.  I am so pleased with my progress, but I do have my limits.  To avoid premature burn out, I’ve drawn a line in my yard marking the end of  Backyard Landscaping – Phase II.  My plan is to finish this section by the end of May so I can move on with my life.  That’s three more weekends, including a holiday weekend plus vacation time as needed.  It shall be done.

Stage II - In ProgressThe project line ends about the top of this photo.  I doesn’t seem too bad from here, but it’s looking down a hill so the perspective is off.  One more set of stairs, loads more edging, and weeding galore.  If I can tame this beast, I’ll be more than ready to tackle the piles of wood from the storms 2 (or was it 3?) years ago.  But that’s next year’s project.  Today I see nothing but that imaginary line.

The little shrubs in the middle of the photo are all inexpensive azaleas from Lowe’s.  I figured for bargain basement prices, I’d load up on them and just see how they do.  If they all survive, I’ll have to relocate a few to make space. But that’s yet another year’s project.  I have a sneaky feeling they will be happy there.  See the picture to the right?  That’s an azalea I planted on the side of the house 4+ years ago.  It never once bloomed and grew only a couple of inches.  Two weeks in its new home and it’s loaded with blooms!  So glad I didn’t toss the little guy.

I’m also happy to see the first real signs of progress in the garden.  Bachelor’s Button is usually one of the first perennials to bloom (along with some Salvia).  Once they’re out, it shouldn’t take long for the rest to pop. The ferns, too, usually start poking out about now as well.  I am forever fascinated by these creepy little fiddleheads.  How they grow into something so green and leathery boggles my mind.

So begins the waiting game for the rest to follow.

p.s. the title quote is Emerson.  Shamefully, I haven’t read any of his work.  I should do something about that.


2 thoughts on “What Potent Blood Hath Modest May

  1. Carolyn,
    I really wish that you were here. We have a blank spot in our yard that begs for a path like the one you designed. I’m overwhelmed with choices and don’t know where to start. Your yard is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Anita! It might sound screwball, but you know what I do to sort out the options? I literally sit in the space and think about all my choices until the right one makes itself known. I’m not taking psychic gardening, just living with the space. I had lots of ideas, too, but this one just came to me. The shape naturally works with the slopes, the sand mixed in with the gravel came to me as I watched my cats gingerly step over the sharp rocks, and the larger bricks in the one walkway were just sitting in a pile (they are from the old chimney the roofers knocked off my roof). I probably sat in the front yard for an hour before it all came together in my head.

      If you ever want an opinion about what to do, I’d be more than happy to add my two cents!

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