Garden Recap – Continued

It is not even June, and I’m kinda done with gardening.  Or landscaping, to be precise.  Taming the backyard is a massive chore, and one that will pay off for years to come. But I’m tired.  And somewhat broken.  And so ready to do something just a little less taxing.  I’m giving myself just one more weekend to wrap up the projects I started, and then I’ll stop.  Period.

Nearly all the summer perennials are are budding now, and many have started to bloom.  In a couple of weeks, they will have all shown themselves and the mystery of  spring will be revealed for the year.  And what a spring it has been!  The apple and cherry trees are full of fruit, the perennials are healthy and lush, and the boxwoods, it appears,  have more new growth than in all the previous summers combined. And perhaps my happiest find is that the giant arborvitae I planted as a lark and left for dead has rejuvenated itself and sprouted fresh growth from its brown limbs. Such a trooper, that one.

Just a few more snaps for the record books, then it’s just about time for me to find something else to obsess over.


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