Done and Done

Every time I start a project of any type, there is always an objective.  Sewing clothes to wear, building a sofa to sit on, planting flowers to avoid mowing.  I am a very purpose driven person.  And it’s no different with creative projects.  When starting a painting, the first question is what skill needs to be honed, or what is the desired outcome.  On one hand, removing all the ambiguity makes life easy.  On the other hand, I really don’t know how to simply relax and let things “flow”.  Which may be why my artwork is so graphic and static.  I crave the control.

But relinquishing control is the next objective.  For this painting, the objectives were threefold: going large, lots of color and more detail.  My first painting of the bells (I’ve forgotten the real name, Something of the Desert?) is small and monochrome, with only a few details.  That’s all insecurity.  Same with pottery.  For months, I could never throw anything larger than my fist.  Control, control, control. Sheesh.

I have to say, all three objectives were met this time around.  The painting is about 3’x3′ with lots of color and a quite bit of detail. I even distorted and skewed the perspective just to prove that I, too, can be a rebel like you.  Thing is, when you start adding detail, you need to go whole hog.  Otherwise, it just looks anemic.  Most of these buildings below are homes, and there should be some indication of life in each.  But I seriously could not take it anymore.  This was just an exercise.  If I were to add all the detail it deserves (especially the bottom 1/4) it would take months.  And I am DONE! I’m done with this painting, I’m done with acrylics, I’m done with this static comic book style.  I’m not sure where I’m going next, but I’m packed and ready to go and ready to flow.

p.s. bonus points and my admiration for anyone who can name the inspiration for this picture. Hint: colorful, southern European costal town.



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