Kitchen Renovation: The Adventure Begins!

It was a spectacular day today.  Cool, breezy and autumnish.  My plan for the day was to do absolutely nothing worthwhile, and I headed for my favorite watering hole – a true rarity on a Sunday afternoon. A couple of cheap Bloody Mary’s in, and my mind starts to wandering.  Next thing you know, I’m sketching kitchen renovation plans as quickly as I’m downing watered-down drinks.  Needless to say, I walked in my house, grabbed a hammer and…


I couldn’t imagine I’d uncover anything worthwhile, but there it was – an original back door opening.  A renovator’s dream come true!  Which means, of course, all the drinking and sketching were for naught. I hadn’t considered opening this wall before (my studio’s on the other side), but I need to reconsider all my plans. One thing for sure: there’s no turning back now.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation: The Adventure Begins!

  1. I can’t believe you are doing this. Can’t wait to see the plan–after you have found all the little surprises.

    1. It’s always exciting to find something out of the ordinary. I’d prefer skeletons or bags of gold, but I’ll settle for uncovering an old door.

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