Second Firing

The lowdown on my humble attempt to learn how to throw pottery again. As my ego can attest, it’s not as easy as it looks…


The remaining pieces from my first run are done and – like the first batch – they are pretty much forgettable.  I fell behind from the beginning and rushed to catch up, then made all the mistakes one could make.   Bad forms, excessive clay to trim, trimming when the clay was too wet, and trimming when the clay was too dry.

Then there was the glazing.  Because I was behind in throwing, I fell behind in glazing and had to rush – with everyone else – to glaze all my pieces on the last day.  I got wax resist everywhere (something I never used before),  slopped on glaze and didn’t remove the runs, and just gave up and threw on whatever was in the closest container before calling it a day.

There is an upside, however. I did manage a couple of really good glaze combinations. And I even remembered to write…

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